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’tis the season – this time in Dutch

As I pointed out in my last post, ’tis the season. But since we’re a household with roots in two countries, we have to observe traditions from both. (The kids are not complaining, as it means they’re getting even more presents…)

For the Dutch, Christmas is more a celebration of family and friends, with good food and company. However, the date that the children look forward to is Sinterklaas. Continue reading “’tis the season – this time in Dutch”

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Christmas day

It is December 25th, Christmas Day, and above 35 degrees. We’ve unwrapped the presents, had some nice breakfast and are now slowly cooking away at home, enjoying our gifts and each other’s company.

And, just to kill the suspense, yes, I did get some socks and underwear for Christmas. Continue reading “Christmas day”