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Country Races

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Rutherglen on invitation from friends of ours. They, and a group of their friends, have been going to this little country town every year for the past twenty (or so), as annually, the wineries around the town hold a tasting event. You pay some money, get a glass, travel from winery to winery, taste their wines, eat good food and generally enjoy yourself. Which we did.

At the same time, in a town not far away, there is a day of horse racing. Some of the men in the group felt like going to watch, and since I had never been to a horse race, I figured I’d join them. I was also curious about this sport, that – to me – is just an excuse to combine three of Australia’s favourite pastimes: being outdoors, drinking and betting. Continue reading “Country Races”

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Hiking Mt. Sturgeon

As the kids had a pupil-free day on Monday and we hadn’t been back in the Grampians in, like, almost a month and a half, it was high time that we went back to our favourite national park for some camping and some hiking. This time we went to the southern most tip, to hike up and down Mt. Sturgeon. Continue reading “Hiking Mt. Sturgeon”

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Green Melbourne

Driving through the city today, it struck me again at how green this city of Melbourne actually is. Every other block (or so it seems) there is a little (or not so little) park,  mostly called reserves here, that break up the sea of houses. End even though summer is coming quickly, and everything is getting pretty dry, there is still quite a bit of green to be seen. Continue reading “Green Melbourne”