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Saturdays house hunting

Today it feels like we are going on a hunt. Hunting for houses. On Saturdays many properties have viewings, so we have a list of six places that we want to visit. At the end you can only apply for one of them, so it will be a challenge. Do you go for the best house or for a house with less competition? Are we going to be successful this time?

Ashburton 9.15 a.m.

We are now standing in front of the smallest Ashburton house. Waiting for the inspection time and enjoying a cappuccino. According to the pictures the owner likes pink. With pink tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Groovy! The kitchen seems tiny, but has a gas stove. I see this house as a way to get into Ashburton and then move into another house after six months. It is the cheapest house that we are going to see today and it is in Ashburton, so I wonder what is awaiting us.

About Ashburton

Ashburton has a nice feel to it. It is very green and there is a park along a stream with skate ramp, playground and barbecue area. The latter one seems to be a very common thing here. The park stretches out besides the river bank and gives 30km of activity possibilities. Oliver asked a runner how long the circle around was. Depends what you define as a circle. Apparently it can go up to 30 km one way….

Markham Reserve
Markham Reserve a great playground in Ashburton
Markham Reserve has an adjoining skate ground

While we where waiting for the agent of the real estate company we got to talk to a lady who was also waiting for the inspection. She was looking for a temporary place to stay, since they sold their house and were going to build a new one. She was done with the inspection in less then two minutes. The house was not ideal. There were still people living in it and they where not very cleaned up. The tiles were not so pink after all, but the fact that we do not even remember it anymore tells us all.  So not a great impression. Not a house that we want to apply for.

First house Ashburton
The first inspection in Ashburton.

Mount Waverley, 10.45 a.m.

Since it is only an 8 minute drive to the next property we have plenty of time before the next viewing. We drive to the house and see that the people who are currently living there have a garage sale. A nice opportunity to have a chat with them. They have a 2 ½ year old, so that was an easy entrance. They enjoyed living in their house. With 2 train stations in the vicinity it is easy to get into Melbourne. The husband had also taken his bike to work, which takes him 35 minutes. That sounds a bit quick, but it is possible. So the Gaint bike store that we saw on our way here is the next stop for us….

About Mount Waverley

This town is only a couple km further along High street. The name is chosen for the right reason, because suddenly we are on a mountain and the next hill looking like a wave. The main road being in ‘the valley’, with our house on the one top and the train station on the other top with a pretty steep climb….We walked around the neighborhood and where pleasantly surprised. The Federal Reserve is not big, but very nice, including a small mud track for a mountain bike. It clearly is a nature area which has been preserved instead of a park that was created. Also on walking distance, a bit further east is the Damper Creak Reserve. This is a small reserve that immediately gives you an in the middle of nature feeling. On the way back we had a small talk with an older gentleman who was working in his garden. They had bought the house and completely renovated it very nicely. They had now ran out of money and he had to do the rest of the garden himself. Which did seem like a big challenge. He wished us good luck on our house search. People are very friendly and open here!

An almost European home in Mount Waverley

Since we had already driven past the house yesterday and knew that it gave us a good vibe, we can hardly wait for the inspection. The garden is not big, but seems very cosy. It is a two storey house, which is not the standard here. The people living in the house are busy packing their stuff, but somehow here it is not difficult to look through that and see the potential of the house. We are impressed, this is a house which we like! Not too big so that we buy to much furniture, not too small, so we can easily host oversea visitors. Through the backdoor you step into the laundry room. There is a small dining area with a window which would fit a narrow table. The kitchen is not too big, but practical. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. The half seperated formal dining room is versitile. It can be a dining area/computer area or even a guestroom. The living room is open until the roof, which gives it a very nice feeling. The other upstairs half has two more bedrooms. Those have built in beds under the roof, very nice. We like it here!

To be continued after diner…….or maybe tomorrow is better. Australian Prosecco does taste very well.


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

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