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Insanity at house auction

Don’t be surprised if you see a big crowd of people gathering in front of a house. You see this a lot when you drive around on the weekend. This is not a gathering after a flashmob or an accident, this is the auction of a house. And everyone is invited! So, join me.

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Dining in the dark

Today it felt like we were expats somewhere in Africa. What might be normal  in developing countries, this is not what you expected to happen in Australia. And certainly not for it to last almost a whole day.

We had a power outage, so we were forced to have a romantic candle light dinner for two, uh four! Continue reading “Dining in the dark”

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Dining at a child friendly restaurant

As we got married ten years ago we where looking for a place to go out to dinner with the four of us. Unfortunately we do not have very adventuresome children when it comes to food. So spending a lot of money in a restaurant is not well spend on them. Since we have not lived here very long yet and where shocked of some of the prices that are charged here for dinner I did some Google searching first. Continue reading “Dining at a child friendly restaurant”