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Dining in the dark

Today it felt like we were expats somewhere in Africa. What might be normal  in developing countries, this is not what you expected to happen in Australia. And certainly not for it to last almost a whole day.

We had a power outage, so we were forced to have a romantic candle light dinner for two, uh four!

When I came home from helping at school around lunchtime I wanted to make myself some toast. Only the toaster did not work. As we only spent about $7 on it, I first thought that it had given up on me. Then I also noticed that the light in the fridge was not working, so I checked the main power. Nothing seemed wrong there, that was strange. I called Oliver on my mobile, as the phone was also disconnected, and asked if he could check if there was anything wrong. Turns out that about 100 houses in Mount Waverley were affected, and we were among the lucky ones. They are working hard to fix it and it should be fixed at 3.30 pm.

It took a bit longer….

Here they are fixing the problem, I guess cables that hang up in the air are easier damaged.

It took a the whole day. Maybe they had to wait until it got dark, so they could see where the leak was…..


It  gave me enough time to get the flash lights and candles out while it was still light. It gets dark around 5 o’clock. Luckily we cook on gas, so I could still make dinner.

Our camping headlight came in handy today!

After we we were done with dinner and were about to step out of the house to go to Luka’s first flute concert, the lights flashed back on, with a big cheer from us.


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

5 thoughts on “Dining in the dark

  1. Gosh, romance for a whole day! Seriously though, what a hassle. It’s amazing how much we take our electricity for granted isn’t it? Hope it doesn’t happen again.


  2. Electricity delivery reliability varies a lot around Australia. Where I live, in the Canberra suburb of Banks, all our services are underground so “blackouts” are virtually unheard of. Other, older, parts of Canberra have above-ground electricity and they do experience blackouts occasionally, usually after violent weather or when trees fall onto power lines or when transformers are struck by lightning. Not only are our services much more reliable but it is surprising how much improved is the visible environment when you have underground services delivery!

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  3. Wat heerlijk dat jullie kunnen kamperen zeg.!Ziet er nog Romantisch uit ook!Petje af hoor!!papa en mama


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