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Walking in Melbourne: Red Bluff beachwalk

A few months ago, while on another expensive trip to the mall, Willemijn bought a book with walks within Melbourne, in an attempt to let us explore our city of residence a bit more. Since then, the book has been sitting on the shelf, gathering dust.

But a couple of weekends ago we decided that we would need to remedy that situation. We took the great weather as a sign, flipped through the book, decided on a trail, invited some friends, packed our stuff (including our new drone) and off we went to the Red Bluff beach walk.

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Spring beach walk

After a long, cold and wet winter, spring has arrived! And, contrary to what you normally see in the Netherlands, the weather agrees with the dates on the calendar. – Well, at least if you think of it in terms of the infamous Melbourne Weather, which changes from one minute to the next.

Making the most of this change, Willemijn and I decided to make use of the sunshine together, and to go for a walk along the beach in Beaumaris.

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Christmas Eve

If we were still in Europe, we would probably be at my moms place right now, the living room floor would be covered in a mixture of wrapping paper, toys and new socks and our bellies would be full to bursting with the fondue we just ate (the one with the broth, not the cheesy kind). Oh, and we probably would have had a glass of wine or five.

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