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Birthday party for a nine year old

Most of the birthday parties that we have experienced in Australia so far involve going somewhere with a large, or very large group of children. Having over 15 kids is no exception, rather a norm. However, we stuck to our traditions here and Luka invited as many girls as her age.

We considered many different locations: the pool, cinema, a dance-lesson party or skating. However at the end Luka decided to do a home party this year and she wanted to watch a movie.

When the girls were all still at school, we transformed our house into a party zone and a movie theater. We even managed to pick up some film posters to make it all match the theme:


Oliver was brave enough to walk eight children  home after school. Nine was coming later, she had sport obligations.

The drinks were bubbly green, pink and blue and food was ready to go:

The cupcakes before decoration (I will spare you the after pictures, they involve sugar in many forms)
Popcorn and chips ready to go!
And pancakes before decoration (will spare you the after pictures again, something with sugar, caramel and chocolate)

To make it special, we used a slightly bigger screen than the tv-screen, to turn our living room:


Into a real movie theatre, done with a beamer! That impressed all the kids. And the parents, I guess we are stuck with movie sessions for the rest of the weekend…


At the (almost) end of the day we had to play Luka’s favorite game, candy memory! Same principle as the original memory, we just use cups and candy. As we had 10 girls by now, we started with 20 cups and candies, so every girl get two pieces of candy to keep or trade and we played two rounds. The girls were all cheering for each other, it was a real crowd pleaser. These became precious lolly bags!

Candy-memory a favorite game!

One of the girls brought a disco light, so we turned off the other lights and they danced the night away, or at least until the parents came to pick them up.

This message was left for Luka on our fridge


Mother, wife, explorer and loving the outdoors. We recently moved to Australia, so lots to explore here. We are keeping a blog about our experiences of moving and living on a different continent as a family.

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