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Tassie Day 3: Salamanca market

A stay in Tasmania is not complete without a visit to a market, so why not go to the ‘creme de la creme’ of the markets: the Salamanca market in Hobart!

Every Saturday from 8.30 until 3 pm the Salamance Place in Hobart, which is actually a street, is filled with lots of people, the smell of food, the sound of street musicians and not to forget the market stalls themselves.

To get to the market we first had to go past the harbor, which is a vivid place with lots of fishing boats.


And even the fisherman can not go without the most important item an Australian possesses:

Of course there is a barbie on a fishing boat!
The water is filled with sea life, I have never seen so may star fish.
And mussels and abalone everywhere you look.

When we finally managed to get past the harbor the first thing we noticed is that there is food from all over the world on the market, from French crepes and pizza to Gypsy food.


Yes, even Dutch poffertjes and oliebollen!

Also a lot of locally made products:

Like Tasmanian truffels…
…beautiful fabrics….
…and crafts!

Worst of all were the product stalls where you could sample. We had to try all the honeys, nuts, cheeses, chocolate, fudge and whiskey. Poor us!


I love to go to markets and this one did not disappoint. You do not go here for bargains, but the whole atmosphere is really nice.

The most memorable moment? A girl singing opera in a back alley, standing in front of a big rock wall, which  made her voice travel even further. Although I am normally not a opera fan, her singing gave me goose bumps.

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