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Flight bagage when moving overseas

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Four people and a new life in Australia. How much of your ‘old’ life can you take along with you on a flight? A post about being creative with luggage allowance, items that we are glad that we brought, items that we should not have taken and lessons learned. This is our experience. Continue reading “Flight bagage when moving overseas”

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On our way home again

After a very successful and pleasant stay in our new home town in Melbourne and surroundings we are now heading home again. Bags are packed. Or rather stored at Olivers office. As we are will only be checking in a bag with emty bags.

For those interested you can follow our flights. If you have never tracked a flight before, do it, it is really cool. You get an almost live update of the location of the airplane during the flight. And you will have plenty of time, since we will be flying for almost 24 hours….. or

8 May QF 9 departure 22.55 (10.55 pm) flight from Melbourne to Dubai
9 May QF 8059 departure 09.00 (09.00 am) flight from Dubai to Hamburg

We will now still have a goodbye beer with Olivers colleagues, then we will still eat a bit and then off to the airport for our checkin. As unfortunately the online checkin did not work.

We can hardly wait to see the kids again, two weeks without them is a long time. Luckily we know that they are in good hands and are having a good time in Elmshorn!