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At the footy with dad

Hi my name is Luka as you already know. Me and my dad (Oliver) went to the footy. My dad’s friend Pete, and his daughter (my friend) Lucy came too. At the game it was the Saints vs Brisbane lions. At the game, first Brisbane lions where going for the win and then the Saints began to head for the win. Pete brought two packets of chips! One bag of chips was for the adults and one for the kids.

Close to the end of the game Lucy and me went outside of the stadium and we did some flips on bars. At the end …      SAINTS WON! We where so happy! When the game came to a end we got to go on the ACTUAL FIELD!!!!!

footy_with_dad_togetherWe where HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Footy at the MCG

Yesterday I got a last-minute call from a colleague of mine, saying that he had two tickets for the St. KildaCollingwood game left over and if Kai and myself wanted to come. What a rhetorical question!

So we got dressed, had a quick lunch, and off we went.

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Public holidays

Granted, public holidays in Europe don’t always make sense, either. They are usually a mixture of Christian days (like Christmas and Easter) and nationally important days (like Reunification Day in Germany or Kings Day in the Netherlands), with some odd ones in there as well (like Labour Day). But the public holiday we have here in Melbourne today really takes the cake. Continue reading “Public holidays”