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The shortest lunch

We do not live very far from the Yara Valley wine region, and although we drove through it a couple of times and had many ‘almost go that winery’ opportunities, we never actually stopped at any one. And it is number 21 on our Australia bucketlist and we still did not write a blog post about it. So when one of Oliver’s colleagues asked if there was interest to go to a food and wine festival there it did not take us long to reply.

The shortest lunch is organized to celebrate the shortest weekend of the year to ward off the winter chills. Twenty six of the small wineries open their doors and this is what happens. Continue reading “The shortest lunch”

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White Night Melbourne 2017

Last weekend the 12 hour dusk till dawn Melbourne White Night Festival was on again and since we really enjoyed looking at the lights, the artists and listening to the musicians last year we planned a Saturday night in the town again. Continue reading “White Night Melbourne 2017”

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Moomba festival

It’s late summer here in Australia, which means it’s festival season. And Melbourne is no exception.

A few weeks ago, there was White Night, and this weekend it’s Moomba.

Moomba is a family festival in the heart of the city, starting Friday night and lasting the entire long Labour Day weekend. There’s lots to see and lots to do, so we decided to give it a go. Continue reading “Moomba festival”

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White Night Melbourne

Melbourne is known in Australia for its many festivals. And, indeed, if you check the relevant websites, there is something to do almost every weekend of the year.

But one of the really big ones in White Night Melbourne. It’s a music and arts street festival, for one night of the year, starting at 7pm and lasting till 7am the next morning. It takes place on and around Swanston Street in downtown Melbourne, which is completely blocked off for all traffic (including trams).

And, don’t worry, if you go, you won’t be alone… Continue reading “White Night Melbourne”