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Recipe: campfire brekkie

(For all the non-Australians out there, brekkie is the local slang for breakfast.)

Any food tastes better when you’re camping. This is especially true for a hearty breakfast with bacon and eggs. Which is why in this recipe, it’s not only about the ingredients but also the surroundings. Continue reading “Recipe: campfire brekkie”

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Recipe: pumpkin pie

Pumpkin is one of my favorite foods. It has not always been, my love for pumpkin comes from my exchange year in America. My host family, John, July and Julianne, were so generous to let me be part of their family for a year, over 25 years ago.

To my great pleasure, Australia is also a pumpkin country. So here I can indulge and explore all the new-to-me kinds of pumpkins. Continue reading “Recipe: pumpkin pie”