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Do you need police, fire or ambulance?


Our second night in the bush: It is a beautiful evening and we are alone in Buandik bush camp in the western side of the Grampians. The other couple had left and the two guys have not returned to camp yet, so it is just us. That little green dot between the trees is our tent.

10 p.m. Oliver is picking up his mobile phone dialing 000. Which gets answered with: “Is it really an emergency? Do you need police, fire or ambulance?” How did we end up calling the emergency number? Let me take you back to minutes before. Continue reading “Do you need police, fire or ambulance?”

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Bush fire aftermath

A few weeks ago I posted about the bush fire that was raging along the Great Ocean Road. Today, on our way back from a short camping trip down the coast (more about that later), we drove through the area and got a first-hand-view at the aftermath of the fire. It was pretty intense. Continue reading “Bush fire aftermath”

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What’s big, white and furry and found in outback Australia?

TheseĀ  questions are being fired at us from the back of the car. Kai is reading out loud from a book that we got at the library. We are all sitting in the car, as if we are ready to enjoy our summer vacation, but the car is not packed with our camping gear. Instead, we are on our way to Scienceworks for a day trip. Where I normally have no problem finding our next camping location, this time I am struggling a bit. Things are not the way we know them. Continue reading “What’s big, white and furry and found in outback Australia?”