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Tassie day 8: East Coast

One of the “must visits” according to all books is the Freychinet National Park on the East Coast of Tasmania, so that was our destination for today. At least that was our plan. One stop completely changed the rest of our plans. Or maybe two stops. Continue reading “Tassie day 8: East Coast”

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Easter weekend in Walhalla

No, this is not a town where they mine tourists, as the sign might suggest. Walhalla is an old Victorian gold-mine town that got deserted in 1915, but has been kept very much as it used to be and is now a touristic village.

After a suggestion from someone on the Dutchies in Melbourne Facebook page, we decided to pack up our camping gear and head out to mountains. It is only a two hour drive East of Melbourne, so easy to reach. Continue reading “Easter weekend in Walhalla”

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Bush camping on different continents

Now that we have been bush camping in Australia it made me think back of other bush camping experience that I have gathered through the years in Europe, Africa and North America. There are still many places that I haven’t  explored yet.

Did you know that it is not always necessary to travel far for these experiences, they can be right next to your doorstep, even if you live in the Netherlands. Continue reading “Bush camping on different continents”