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Recipe: soft chocolate tart

This is a very easy recipe and the result is extremely tasty. I made it for the party that we had before we left to Australia and recently for my birthday. Luka thinks it is heavenly, and I could not agree with her more. Continue reading “Recipe: soft chocolate tart”

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Recipe oliebollen

‘Oliebollen’ are a traditional Dutch food/snack that are baked for new years eve , which you are likely to eat, if you are living in the Netherlands. There are always people baking them and they are a share food, people who bake them hardly ever do this just for themselves.

There are many stories about the history of this tradition. The one that I like is: in the middle ages they were given to the poor people, so it would protect them better from the cold of the winter. As they are full of fat and calories. Well, at least the first part of it anyway. Continue reading “Recipe oliebollen”