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Pink Stomp Cricket match

Today was another one of those slightly different school days. The grade six students, who are in their last year of primary school, were playing a cricket match against the teachers on the council oval. The other school kids were watching and supporting the game all dressed in pink!

Where the children normally wear their green school uniforms, today every one could wear pink to school and were asked to bring a golden coin to school for the McGrath Foundation. A foundation  committed to providing as much support as it can for families facing a breast cancer experience.

Here is a picture impression of this day. This is how Kai and Luka left for school this morning:

At twelve the match started on the council oval, next to the school.
All the other grades were watching the game from the side.
And supporting their favorite team, or rather both teams.
After the game the announcement is made…..
The tension is high under the grade sixers….
The grade sixers beat the teachers 125 to 86!

A slightly crazy, but fun fundraising initiative. I do not know why we do not have these events in Europe yet. We should!


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6 thoughts on “Pink Stomp Cricket match

  1. Lillifee-Farben überall, auch down under. Bestimmt lustige Idee so ein Cricket-Match. Aber ihr kennt ja auch die Regeln.


  2. Niet zo groots als op jullie school, maar bij ons op school voetbalt groep 8 tegen leraren/ouders. Dat gebeurt elk jaar in de laatste schoolweek in de grote gymzaal (bij gebrek aan buiten…). De rest van de school kan dan ook komen kijken. Altijd weer een spannende strijd!! 🙂
    Xx Susan


  3. Tegenwoordig heb je met de koningsspelen ook bijvoorbeeld een sponsorloop. Maar ik moet zeggen dat er in 🇦🇺 leuke initiatieven zijn op school ..!
    Willemijn, dit kun jij dus introduceren in Nederland wanneer jullie terug zijn.
    Liefs .. Karin


  4. Looks like a great day 🙂
    In Sweden at the childrens school they once a year have a day when they run in the “forest” nearby and you get a rubber band for each lap you make. So you can compete with yourself every time to make more laps.
    And you can also bring a golden coin if you like to different foundations.

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