No more plans, dreams are about to become reality. Yes, we did it, we moved to Australia in June 2015!

In the past couple of years we have always been talking about moving to a new place, experience the differences and becoming part if it. But there were always excuses why we should not do it.

Kai and Luka are eleven and nine now. So young enough to adapt to a new situation and old enough to be able to make it.

I (Willemijn) am Dutch and fell in love with a German while on holiday in Sweden, way back when. I then imported him as my boyfriend to the Netherlands and coverted him into my husband. We have lived in the Netherlands since then. We are both not completely new to living in another country, but our children are.

We have four goals for this website:

  • have a journal of our experiences
  • keep our family, friends and anyone who is interested updated
  • share our knowledge
  • inspire others

After one and a half year In Australia, we can also say that we made new friends and got to be involved in other peoples stories through our blog as well. Which is a great added bonus!

If you want to contact us directly, you can e-mail us: europe2australia (at) gmail.com

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Willemijn, would you be kind enough to have a look at my website? I run a very personalised rental finding company in Melbourne that allows people to move in straight away to their rental home. Finders Keepers Property Locators (finderskeeperspl.com). I would like to chat with you and find out how you found the process of finding a rental in Melbourne a year and half ago. Thank you!


  2. Are you still getting to see much of Australia, or have you settled down into the routine of just living your day to day lives? What are you planning to do next? Any interstate trips or just more of Victoria. It was great meeting you in Wallhala last year, hope everyone is doing well and still loving it here in Oz.
    Ethan & Dan

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    1. Hi Dan! Great to hear from you. Kai was just talking about you two last week. He would love to see Ethan again. I guess since Walhalla we have not done much traveling, but we are still full of plans. Once the weather warms up we will start camping again. Can you drop us an e-mail on europe2australia@gmail.com, as that bbq invitation for the three of you still stands, but we did not have your details. Best regards, Willemijn


      1. For us coming to Melbourne was work related. The company that Oliver works for has an office here. I love Melbourne, it is a great city, the people are really open and friendly and they are used to ‘new people’ and will do all they can to make you feel at home. Even if it is just with a short chat. I love the fact that we have seasons, sometimes even all of them in one day. Compared to Sydney the cost of living is lower here, although the cost of living in general is fairly high. https://europe2australia.com/2015/10/22/cost-of-living-in-melbourne-for-a-family/

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  3. I’m really enjoying reading your blog (in fact I am wasting FAR too much time reading it!) – it helps that we are just about to move again (this time from the UK to South Africa) but also that my children are the exact same age as yours. I think it helps to read about others’ experiences and that you are not alone…..

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  4. Jullie droom is uitgekomen! Een nieuw begin in een heel nieuw land! Dat kun je best spannend noemen. Ik vind het geweldig, dat jullie dit met de kinderen doen. Wat een rijke ervaring krijgen ze mee in hun opvoeding om nog maar niet te spreken van hun toekomstige taalvaardigheid. Wij wensen jullie heel veel geluk in Australië en blijven jullie volgen. Oliver succes in zijn nieuwe job, Kai en Luka veel plezier op de nieuwe school en jij Willemijn in het zoeken naar een nieuwe uitdaging! Liefs vanuit Baarlo, Jan en Marijke

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